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Novelty searches

A novelty search aims to identify known knowledge that may be known, as an invention can only be patented if it has both novelty, inventive step and is industrially patentable.

By a novelty search a search with a set of selected keywords and knowledge of the type of invention is performed on the European Patent Office's worldwide database, Espacenet, which contains over 100 millions documents from over 100 different countries. If the result is that no novelty destroying documents can be found, a search will also be performed on the Google browser.


In most cases, a novelty search on Espacenet is able to reveal known knowledge that might be novelty destroying.

The client draws up a brief description of its invention and, if possible, also a rough draft of a drawing.

The price of a novelty search based on a short description and a rough draft of a drawing is DKK 5000 excl. VAT.

If the result is that no novelty destroying documents are found to be published on Espacenet or with Google on the Internet, the customer may choose to proceed with the preparation of a patent or utility model application. The costs of drafting a patent or utility model application will in this case be reduced by DKK 5000 excl. VAT.

The results of the novelty search are described in a report that is sent to the customer.